Behind the Art

The Alcohol Ink Technique is an exciting new medium in the art world that allows you to freely express yourself through a variety of techniques. Alcohol Inks Technique, also known as ink painting, gives abstract paintings a unique texture and color that emphasizes the subject of the painting.
Anastasia Matas is an artist who excels at destabilizing the flowability of alcohol ink to create unique and exceptional works of art. Originally born in Kazakhstan, Anastasia’s family immigrated to Germany when she was 14 years old. From a very young age, Anastasia showed a deep appreciation for art and creativity. 
Anastasia spent countless hours and completed numerous courses mastering her technique. Before the Alcohol Ink color meet a canvas she ensures each painting is of the highest quality.
Many of her works are already in private collections, as well as offices and medical practices. Anastasia's works of art are the perfect décor for your home or office. Shaped with a positive vibe, they convey a sense of comfort and luxurious modernity.  They create an interior space with a note of special extravagance and a breathtaking, eye catching focal point.
Today, Anastasia is taking Alcohol Ink drawing lessons to different cities for both companies and private individuals and also shows short videos on Instagram on how to draw her paintings using this technique.
Anastasia : 
„Experience the beauty of life through my pictures.“
Anastasia Matas Artist Alcohol Ink